MALCO Fiber Cement Siding Gauges: Speed Set FCMS



  • Malco
  • Includes both a FCG2 overlap gauge and a FCFG siding facing gauge.
  • Combination set helps increase speed of putting up fiber cement siding.


Malco’s Fiber Cement Siding Gauges: Speed Set includes one of each of Malco’s FCFG overlap and FCG2 facing gauge. Malco’s FCMS Speed Set Gauges are used like an extra pair of hands. The overlap gauge hooks on to support  one end of 5/16 inches (7.9 mm) fiber cement siding for on person installation. The facing gauge is used to ensure greater accuracy of the exposure and guards against sagging while nailing across the width of the plank.

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 12.2 × 5.6 × 1.7 in