MALCO Flexible Duct Support FDS1



  • Malco
  • Supports 90° elbow for flexible duct.
  • Quickly installs on 4-16 inch duct diameters.
  • Lightweight 100% recycled polymer construction.
  • Uses 36 and 48 inch nylon ties (Malco TY34 and TY48).

The Malco FDS1 Flexible Duct Support eliminates air flow restrictions and increases efficiency to dramatically reduce utility bills and improve heated or air-conditioned room comfort. A properly supported 90° duct elbow typically improves air flow efficiency 10 to 40%. A Malco Duct Support quickly installs on new or existing flexible duct. The versatile FDS1 design uses either 36 or 48 inch nylon cable/zip ties to accommodate 4 inch to 16 inch diameters of flexible fiberglass wool duct as well as un-insulated flexible duct. And the strong, but lightweight, 100% recycled polymer support will not weigh down ducting.

Weight 0.02 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 11.25 × 3 in